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Train like Tom Coleman - this guide features one of Tom Colemans signature Chest workouts sure to help you add fullness to those pecs for that real 3D effect.

This is 1 workout plan ONLY which will be immediately available to you after purchase via digital download.  The download will be available as a pdf file so please ensure you have the software on your device to open this.  After purchase you will be able to download the plan once.  So again please make sure you remain on the page until this is actioned.

Please note there are no refunds under any circumstances on the one-off workouts.

I will not be answering questions or queries on this workout plan, the plan is very easy to follow and includes imagery for the more complex movements.  I have kept the price insanely low to reflect this.   If you do wish for a more in depth training plan I will be launching a bespoke 4/6/8 week option shortly. 

*privacy & disclaimer*

Please follow the workout plan at your own discretion, I cannot be held responsible for any injury which may occur whilst performing the activites, in starting the workout you agree to the fact that I am in no way responsible for any outcome.

The plan is my intellectual propery if it is copied to the internet in any form or shared with anyone you are in breach of the cact you have illegaly shared my material.